The tradition of bread baking is thousands of years old.

The tradition of bread baking is thousands of years old. Drawing on its sources we offer wheat-rye breads, whichhave moist and delicate texture and crispy crust thanksto carefully selected ingredients. Among products rich incarbohydrates, breads have high starch content. They aremade of natural ingredients: wheat flour, rye flour, yeast, salt, seeds and water, but first of all of natural rye sourdough, without using dough enhancers. This allows them to retain their freshness for a long time. Breads with additions area particularly valuable supplement to the diet, due to the high content of fibre, vitamins and minerals. Oil plant seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, sesame and flax seeds, soybeans) added to bread enrich it with necessary unsaturated fattyacids, which prevent cardiovascular diseases, promote proper working of the brain and the entire nervous system. Furthermore, our breads contain microelements and valuable nutrients essential for proper functioning of thehuman body.

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