Ammoniac cooling installation with CO2 as a vaporous indirect factor

So-far-available technologies were questioned because of the fear of people?s safety and natural environment. Applied cooling factors ? freon - affected ozone layer and increased greenhouse effect.

It was caused indirectly by leaking or directly by the energy use needed for freon production and its use. The installations based on ammonia can be dangerous for people especially in the places where pipes with ammonia run through production halls where people work. Additionally, in case of any failure or ammonia leak in the warehouse or production hall, chemical decontamination and then decontamination of halls of a terrible odour was costly and time-consuming.

A need to build central cooling installation in Piekarnia Szwajcarska was a great opportunity to apply innovative, new technologies which allowed to minimize the risk of environmental pollution and the danger for people. That is why, when choosing new cooling installation, we put emphasis on two basic factors: people?s safety and clean environment. In the days of strict ecological norms, cooling application should be efficient and environmental-friendly. The location of our baking plant in the vicinity of housing estates caused that the chosen cooling system had to be uncompromising and safe. The above-mentioned criteria were fulfilled by the solution offered by Grasso Sp. z o.o.

We installed innovative freezing system based on hybrid technology NH3/CO2, namely ammoniac cooling installation with CO2 as a vaporous indirect factor. It is the first type of such system in Poland and the second one applying CO2 as a cooling factor. Both ammonia and carbon dioxide are substances commonly met in natural environment and they are not harmful for it. Additionally, high effectiveness of the system allows to lessen the use of energy. The solution that we applied is a hybrid unit using high energy-saving ammonia at the same time limiting its presence only to the area of specially secured engine room. The last factor which circulates in production halls, which is neutral for environment, is CO2. In such big spaces as our production halls even breakdown and CO2 leak will not influence the environment and will not be dangerous for people.

CO2 is obtained by thermal exchange from cooled ammonia and obtained in this process thermal loss which is regained twice thanks to the fact that CO2 runs through the pipes with no oil filter (as it is in the case of freon and ammonia) only in pure form and gives back cool much more effective than the above-mentioned factors.



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