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The Management of Inter Europol hereby declares the policy, accepting and acknowledging the below-mentioned obligations and aims. The policy is a crucial element of the general bakery strategy, since the key condition of the company?s success is quality and safety of the goods produced. The main aim of our company is meeting the needs of our customers.

It is also the production and sales of products meeting at the same time customers requirements, specification of goods, law regulations and others, as well as food safety and environmental protection.

The aim of quality, environmental and food safety policy is:

  • The satisfaction of customers who use our goods and services,
  • Training and improving qualification of the crew
  • Maintaining the existing distribution channels and acquisition of new customers
  • On-time execution of orders
  • The activities of the Management Board and employees aiming at recognizing and defining the risk, which may lower health safety of the goods, solving of the existing problems and preventing the occurrence of irregularities
  • Responsible resource management
  • Preventing pollution
  • Preventing noise and influence of electromagnetic radiation on employers
  • Supervising and neutralizing the emission of air pollution

The implementation of the policy is put into practice by implementing the Integrated Management System which fulfils the requirements of ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, ISO 22000:2005 norms and the requirements of HACCP, BRC and IFS.

We systematically improve IMS through implementing overviews, correcting and preventing activities and other technical and organizational activities. We engage all employers into team effort aiming at responsible behaviour , constant improvement of the quality of the goods and natural environment. For our customers, suppliers and employers we oblige to follow the rules of ethics. Our aim is to gain and sustain the trust of customers and other parties. We would like our logo to be associated with solidity, punctuality, high quality and health safety of our products in accordance with environmental protection requirements.

We oblige to apply and obey IMS described in IMS documents, including the Book of Integrated Quality, Environmental and Food Safety Management System.



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