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We have remained a Polish-owned family business, since our beginnings in 1989. We started out by delivering fresh bread to customers in Warsaw and its suburbs. Today, we are the leading producer of bakery goods in Poland. Our products are appreciated in the European Union, as well as in many other countries across the globe. The key to our success lies in balanced combination of traditional baking crafts and the latest technologies.  Our wide range of products includes both fresh and frozen goods, made from the best, carefully selected ingredients, baked in stone floor ovens, which results in a perfectly crispy crust and long shelf life. The majority of our frozen products bear the “Clean Label”, which means that they are made from natural ingredients exclusively, based on our own wheat and rye sourdough starters – without any stabilizers or emulsifiers.  We always do our best to extend our product range in order to satisfy the most sophisticated tastes. Our offer includes: bread, buns, baguettes and piccolos, pastries, snacks, hotel buns and pastries, as well as special catering products. We also develop recipes, mixtures and product mixes tailored to the needs of our customers.

Due to our flexible approach to forming, scoring and decorating bakery goods, we are able to create many varieties of the same product, depending on the customer's individual requirements. We supply the highest quality goods to supermarkets and hypermarkets, hotels and restaurants, gas stations, retailers and company shops.


Inter Europol is more than a bakery - we are open to the needs and passions of the people around us.
Since 2010 Inter Europol has been the titular sponsor of the international Inter Europol Competition racing team – the first Polish Team at the finish line of 24H Le Mans, Champion of Asian Le Mans Series 2018/2019 and Vice Champion of European Le Mans Series 2018.
For years we have been supporting athletics and volleyball teams, as well as a tennis player. We also support disabled athletes, including a swimmer and a basketball wheelchair team.  Together we go further!


Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality bakery goods, baked in accordance with our rules of technological perfection, respecting tradition and protecting the natural environment.
Every day, our mission shows us the way we need to follow. It defines our goal, governs every aspect of our operations, and is a point of reference for our decision-making and actions. It also defines our role in the environment we operate in.

Quality Standards


We focus on the needs of our customers by producing and selling the highest quality bakery goods and pastries. We offer competitive products compliant with current legal, food safety and environmental protection requirements. We prioritise actions that ensure reliability and on-time delivery, as well as the highest possible quality and safety of our products.


  • meeting the needs and expectations of customers at every step of our cooperation
  • eliminating potential hazards,
  • stabilising production processes,
  • caring for the environment,
  • continuous improvement in baking techniques,
  • boldly facing new challenges.


  • everyday contact with our customers enable us to adjust to their changing needs and market requirements,
  • extending our product range by creating unique products, which quality and safety are the primary concerns at every stage of the production process,
  • setting and achieving quality, environmental and food safety goals,
  • operating in compliance with the legal requirements related to our products, operations and environmental protection,
  • giving our employees opportunities to develop by regular training programmes and access to proper tools,
  • increasing the awareness of our employees regarding quality, food safety and environmental protection,
  • operating in compliance with the rules of our code of ethics.

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Inter Europol S.A.

Słoneczna 22 Street

05-270 Marki



The District Court of the Capital City of Warsaw

XIV Economic Department

KRS no. (National Court Register no.) 0000674460


VAT ID PL 5260301089

Regon 001391853

BDO 000017332


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tel. +48 22 771 69 10

fax  +48 22 771 69 11



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